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 dr. Jenny

Here’s my deal…I am a wife, Mom and marriage, family and sex therapist, breast cancer thriver.  Each of those aspects helps define me but just like you, there’s so much more to me that is irreverent and quirky (OK, maybe not as quirky as Zooey Deschanel, but still). I enjoy a tasty cocktail, theatre, a good book, bawdy humor, art, music and creative ways in which to live life. I’m a devotee to meditation, yoga,  barre, Piyo, boot camp, and surfing. Above and beyond all of that, the best part of my life are the “I love yous” from my two sprite like kiddos and date nights with my totally fantastic husband.

I get jazzed by seeing people positively transform themselves and by bearing witness to their living their lives authentically. Sometimes that means embracing what you are most uncomfortable with. I’ll be the first to tell you that I have been divorced, through the difficulty of depression more than once, and breast cancer twice. I lived beyond a very repressive childhood and I struggle with self-doubt on occasion. Yet, I believe I’ve found a way to not only embrace all those aspects but have them serve me and still have fun!

So to conclude, I am here to help you and give you FREE advice! So do not hesitate to ask me anything regarding sexuality and I will respond within 72h. Your information is safe with me, as I take special care to those who seek answers. 

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